Jan 16, 2019

My million dollar idea.

The million dollar idea remember. The one I told you last year. Or maybe it was the one I told you the year before that. The new year always brings new ideas and new feelings towards goals that had been forgone last year. It picks and pokes all the projects you left half done and never made it back to finish. But the new year is just that “new”. It means you can go back and finish what you started or begin something and see it all the way through. Because well every great idea or project, every great dream or goal started somewhere.

As a full-time photographer, artist, entrepreneur it is hard to remember that moment that I made the decision, the commitment to really change the direction I wanted to go. From taking photos of friends and trips I went on to making photography into something that provided me with an income, with my adventures, and direction.

I’m 28 years old and live a life that many look at and wish they had. A life of going to places that many only see in a picture or on tv. I’ve met tons of people that are unique and bold in a way you can only be when you are passionately determined to overcome that millennial stigmatism. What I’m saying is that my adventures have been plentiful. But yet here I am starting a blog. A blog that isn’t truly defined on what it is going to be or where it is going to go.

This isn’t going to be a trying to figure out who I am blog nor is it going to be one that says this is the best and only way to do something. This is going to be a journey and adventure that you get to be a part of. Discovering the best pizza I can find to all the bumps and bruises it takes to be an artist, photographer, dreamer.

I’m going to hopefully get to bring you along on some great adventures to different places around the world or maybe we will just figure out the best way to make something at home.

You are going to see way to many photos of random things from my life and hear about mistakes I’ve made. But I know you won’t be upset about all the photos of Hank that will be shared. You’ll get to meet my friends and why I believe they are some of the greatest people I know.

There are three ways to ultimate success:

The first way is to be KIND.

The second way is to be KIND.

The third way is to be KIND.

-Mister Rogers



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