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-DJ Freesmeier

Hey. My name is DJ and I just want to say thank you so much for checking out what I love. Whether you know me personally or are just finding out who I am you should know one thing. I'm a passionate person. I want to get to know you, take your portrait, and show you what makes you beautiful. 

Find the Best Cedar Rapids Wedding Photographer

Finding the best wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids isn't as difficult as it may seem if you have a few tips and tricks tucked in your back pocket. I find that there are so many wedding photographers in Cedar Rapids that the options may seem overwhelming. Fear not! I have come up with a short list of items you can look for and/or ask your wedding photographer when you're in the interview/research phase.

As a Cedar Rapids wedding photographer I would also consider myself an Eastern Iowa wedding photographer, Galena wedding photographer, Marion wedding photographer, Des Moines wedding photographer, North Libery wedding photographer, Kansas City wedding photographer, Milwaukee wedding photographer, Davenport wedding photographer, Dubuque wedding photographer and Eastern Iowa wedding photographer. While these are many of the local areas I service as a wedding photographer, it is not uncommon for me to travel outside of the surrounding area that I live in and head off to an exotic destination as a destination wedding photographer. I have quite the portfolio under my belt as an experienced wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids and throughout Iowa.

Budget is always at the forefront of my client's mind. It's one of the leading questions most of us ask when we are getting ready to purchase something that might ring up as more than a pack of gum. Hiring a skilled and experienced wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City might consume a larger piece of your wedding budget and here's why.

Your wedding is likely one of the biggest days of your life. Choosing a professional wedding photographer in Iowa will ensure that you have solid documentation of the event, the decor, Great Aunt Linda and how toasted she got during the reception, the first time you see each other at the ceremony, the first dance, the cake, etc. In all seriousness, you want these moments and these amazing people in your lives to be captured beautifully, right? Of course you do! A professional Cedar Rapids or Iowa City wedding photographer will ensure that not a moment is missed, that the lighting is on point, and the composition is pleasing to the eye. When you hire a Cedar Rapids wedding photographer, make sure you see a large portfolio of example work to know exactly what you might expect when the job is complete. Don't be afraid to ask for a full wedding gallery, as well. Doing so will build your confidence and trust in the photographer you choose to photograph your wedding. These are all pieces that play into the budget of said wedding photographer.

You can be certain, if you are trying to cut corners on your budget by hiring an inexpensive wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or Galena, you may not have the end result that you are hoping for and it will potentially cost you the memories that you can't pay any amount of money to get back. So, you should expect to invest a decent amount into your wedding photography budget.

While considering how much a wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City may price their skills at, you must also seriously consider the skills. After all, these wedding photographs are going to be composed and produced in a way that is specific to the eye of your chosen wedding photographer.

Each wedding photographer in the Iowa area has their own unique spin on photography and how they capture your day. From lighting, focal length, composition, posing, editing and printed products, not one photographer in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, or Galena will have the same stylistic approach.

When you're investing in one of the best wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids, make sure you carefully consider their portfolio. Don't be afraid to request more comprehensive galleries of their work so you can get an educated understanding of how these things will play into your final photographs.

Just as budget is important, knowing what to expect in terms of final outcome is equally important.

As if budget and stylistic approach weren't enough, you should always consider your wedding photographer's personality. Let's be honest, they are going to shadow you for the entire day. Don't forget, this isn't just any other day. This is potentially one of the biggest days of your life. Finding a wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City that you enjoy being around for long periods of time is going to be important. In addition, choosing a professional wedding photographer in Cedar Rapids that is actually professional means they will know how to handle conflict, judge other people's personalities, work with vendors in a professional way, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. A drunk wedding photographer is really just a wedding crasher and who wants to pay for that?

At the end of the day, my advice is to consider your wedding photographer's personality, professional quality of work, and quality of product as well as experience you get for your money. If all of the boxes check off then you're in pretty good shape!

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